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Email Marketing

Email Marketing – A Powerful Tool for Your Business

Due to the success of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you may believe that social is the best way to get connected and engage with your prospects and clients.

In fact, the success of social media has led many people to believe that email marketing is no longer practical or effective.

Stop listening to them!

Email marketing is still thriving as one of the most efficient and powerful techniques of online marketing and communication with your clients.

What is Email Marketing?

When a person visits your website and considers subscribing to your mailing list with the intention of keeping in touch with you through email, it is known as email marketing. A mailing list is critical if you are selling a service or product. Email marketing empowers you to build customer loyalty, earn trust, and promote brand awareness while encouraging your subscribers to purchase from you more often.

Email Marketing versus Social Media Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to connect with both existing and potential clients. They are ideal platforms for the word of mouth advertising, creating strong relationships with your current audience, and introducing yourself to a new audience.

Social media sites are necessary for your business, however, you do not have full control of these mediums. They will keep making changes despite how it could affect the way you are connecting with your followers.

By using email marketing, your promotional campaigns can be fine-tuned by you, while forming a list of people who show genuine interest in whatever you are offering.

With Twitter, for example, your message is contending with hundreds or even thousands of other Tweets from companies promoting similar products or services to yours. The same is true on Facebook.

Even if you have a huge number of fans, they are also following other pages, which reduces your message’s effect. Distractions that are present on social networks including recent status updates, chat options, and new photos, are not present in email marketing.

For this reason, it is important for you to make an effort and transform your followers into your email-marketing list as soon as possible. Once it is done, you have full control and authority as they are in the list of YOUR contacts. You will lose them only if they choose to unsubscribe from your email list.

How Can You Make Your Social Network Followers Subscribe to Your List?

Simple! Provide them with the reason for joining you. One way is to offer subscribers something for giving you their email address.

Examples of special offers include how-to guides, an answer to a specific issue that is bothering your audience, exclusive information, or a special discount.

Select something that has real value to your email subscribers and is attractive to your target audience.

Keep your email list active and interesting to retain those valuable connections. Think about how you can consistently deliver information that is engaging and persuasive so your subscribers will open an email sent by you.

Treat Your Email Subscribers as Royalty

Customers visiting your website expect to be treated in a special way. Just as you would interact with your customers face-to-face, and provide superb customer service and an excellent buying experience, offer the same experience to your email marketing contacts.

A customer becomes a subscriber because they trust you with their email, like what you are offering and want to know more about you and your services.

Nurture this relationship and trust by being helpful, informative, and responsive to your audience’s interests. Keep in mind your ideal customer and exchange thoughts with them one to one. This makes your emails more informative and personal, strengthening the bond with your target audience.

Create a Newsletter

A perfect way to remain in touch with your email list is a newsletter. You can share updates, news, information, and special offers about your business with your subscribers, encouraging a call to action.

The main purpose is to provide relevant information that your ideal clients want to read.

Build a Strong Bond with Your Subscribers

Over time, your connection with your subscribers will grow. As it becomes stronger, the loyalty of your subscribers to your business increases resulting in your sales and profits getting a boost. This will lead to your company getting new referrals and opportunities to build a new customer base.

Affordable and Effective Advertising Technique

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting any business. Email services (i.e. mail chimp) are affordable and often give you a specific amount of email transaction free before charging a fee. They also give you the ability to manage your email list in an organized and productive way.

The Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing provides you more control and access over the message. Remember your subscribers actually permit you to contact them by giving you their email address. And the only reason they subscribe is that they are interested in what you are offering.

You can build on your audiences’ interests and develop a strong relationship through email marketing. Properly managing your list will result in increased trust and likeability for your business creating a better opportunity of increasing sales.

Now that you know the power of email marketing, you can create and run campaigns yourself and continue to establish a stronger bond with your online customers.

Becoming successful in creating a winning email marketing campaign is a great achievement.
When properly executed your business profits will increase. Conversely, if managed poorly business sales can decrease and may also damage your brand’’s reputation.

6 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Productive

1. Make it Interesting

Include relevant and valuable information in all your messages in a way that captures your audiences’ interest. Avoid sending out sales pitches or making it only about you by focusing on how your services meet your target audience’s needs.

2. Create a Visible Link for Unsubscribing

By providing a visible link for unsubscribing you are making your readers feel comfortable because they have full control and are not being pressured to do anything. Not providing a link or trying to hide it will only frustrate your subscribers.

3. Ask for Feedback

Keep asking for opinions, suggestions, or feedback from your subscribers. You can also receive feedback passively through email marketing programs (i.e. mail chimp) that track statistics about the number of people opening up your emails, or clicking on the links present there. Use this information to continuously improve and engage with your audience.

4. Targeting the Right Audience

It is important to target the right audience to achieve successful outcomes. Targeting the wrong group of people is a waste of time for both, you and them. It is better to put in your efforts and time in your campaigns towards people who are actually interested in hearing from you.

5. Make Your Email Messages Mobile Friendly

Keep in mind your customers can access their email messages on their tablets or mobiles. It is important that you format your emails correctly to ensure that they can be read easily.

6. Make Exclusive Offers Only for Your Mailing List Subscribers

Show your appreciation to your subscribers by sending exclusive special offers that are not available anywhere on your website. Such offers can be free delivery, discounts, or any other deal that attracts your customers encouraging them to buy from you.

Using these tips can help you run an effective and very successful email marketing campaign. 

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